Saturday, July 17, 2010

songhits ng buhay ko

oh you know me. sometimes i can be very drama. and when i am, i actually belt out to songs like this ...



cheesy, i know.

there was a time when i hung out with this guy and we pretended to be best friends (and i say pretended cause really how can you be best friends after a week, right? of course i never admitted it at that time) and i was thrilled when this came out.

but then now, with all honesty, i just can't stand hearing that song. promise, no drama included.

anyway, i just realized how nice is it how hearing songs just bring a whole lot of memories ... good and bad.

like this song that i liked first in high school and i "dedicated" to my then-crush, then i "revived" a couple of years ago when i fell in major like with this guy who i see only on fridays.

and oh, in true fashion, i denied that that song was for him. hahaha. rosa the denial queen. (by the way, if you did view the video, wouldn't you agree with me that robert smith looks strikingly like heath ledger when he played the joker. hmmm... gaya gaya?)

right now i'm crushing on this

... especially since i've got this *thing* that i can't really talk about yet. i'm not feeling very positive about it, feeling mostly incompetent and what not, but i must, i must ...

anyway, i wish you the very best of weekends. i'm stuck at work, boo-hoo, but as i've tweeted, i'm not particularly feeling bad about this weekend's overtime. i'm leaving for a trip in 19 days going to ...

(i just realized not all of you will get it but, if you watched the series back in the 80s, you'll know where i'm headed off too)

'till monday, everyone. gotta go back to what i'm here for: work.

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