Wednesday, July 14, 2010

about last night

yesterday was a hectic day -- i had to present a witness in QC at 8:30 am and i had a hearing in NLRC Calamba at 2p.m. i guess it's understandable why i chose not to return to work anymore after the Calamba hearing and chose instead to be dropped off at alabang town center where spike was.

i was tired, and i wanted to be home early. and i was, if you could count going home after buying buy one take one philips cfl bulbs from true value, buying three pairs of shoes from francesco (they were on sale!!!), and quick dinner at burger king going home early.

anyway, let's just say that i was tucked in bed watching my dvd of drop dead diva by 6p.m.

by 7:30 p.m. though, the howling wind was so noisy that i had to turn on the subtitles, which i absolutely hate. by 8 p.m., i remembered to get the umbrella i had left out to dry in the garage, lest it fly to some far off place ... it was a coach umbrella, and i love it to bits. and by 8:30 p.m., i had to peek outside again to check if my house was still intact -- the wind was howling and i was scared.

i can't remember what time i slept -- it was after i had finished the last episode of drop dead diva. i left the tv on sleep mode and crashed almost immediately ... only to wake up at 1 a.m. i don't know if i woke up cause i had to pee (which was the usual case), cause it was warm (again, the usual case during the summer), or cause it sounded like yero was flying all over the place (which WAS NOT usual at all). this time around, i didn't check outside anymore. i was too scared i'd be decapitated by a flying yero.

the rest of the night i couldn't sleep anymore ... it was cool, cause of the rain, but it was also warm, probably cause of the mattress. it was relaxing, cause of the rain, but it was scary, cause of the wind. i tried drowning out the sound by listening to my ancient ipod, and i listened to worship songs too, believing that praying through song (or more likely while half-asleep) will help make the fear go away. i'm not a person who get scared easily, but for some reason, the thoughts of flying yero scared me big time.

i woke up with a start at 6a.m. because of the rain, i didn't want to commute, and since it was coding day, i knew i had to rush. i made it out of the house a little past 6:30 praying that the MMDA be driven indoors because of the rain. when i turned on the A.M. radio to listen to mike enriquez i learned though that there's no number coding today. that was almost enough to make me turn around and go home to catch some zzzzs. i think the only thing that kept me going was the knowledge that at work, there's going to be a generator set and i can charge my phone and my flashlight.

the trip to the office left my jaw slack -- trees were uprooted, steel gates were twisted, and one gasoline station near baclaran was left in near ruin. to think this was the typhoon that wasn't supposed to make landfall, according to kuya kim monday evening. i remember telling my brother that, and his reply was "weather's unpredictable"

as i struggled to get some sleep last night, i prayed that the security guards at our area were safe -- they were the nearest people i knew who had to be out in the elements while yero were flying about. looking outside the office window now, it seems that life is once more normal. then again, the aircon's off, we're running on a genset, so clearly, life isn't normal yet.

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