Thursday, July 01, 2010

while the entire philippines was silently asking where james yap was ...

... my friends and i decided to finally do something that i've wanted to do for the longest time: go to dapitan arcade.

first things first: i am by no means a martha stewart. i admit that there are times when i wish i were, but the mere fact that i am totally averse to any form of cleaning means that i will never achieve domestic diva status.

i am, however, proud of the fact that i know how to work an electric drill and in fact installed the curtains in my bedroom and the living and dining areas of my home.

still, i guess the girl in me wanted a lovely living area, something i can call my own, and so i've always asked my friends to go with me to dapitan arcade to find treasures.

and what lovely treasures we found. (i wish i could post pictures here but (1) i forgot to bring a camera yesterday and (2) i haven't taken pictures of my stash yet.)

shy (my friend and our driver) truly got to buy a whole bunch of things including vases, jewelry cases, presents for her mom and sister, future christmas gifts, and a whole lot more. in spite of being the one who has always wanted to go there, i went home with a mini-stash -- that metal tiered thing with plates that you can use to serve lots of stuff without taking so much space on the table and this lovely matte black bowl and three ceramic apples that, for some unknown reason, are a weird color. still, i actually like the weird color. so sue me.

after that, we ate at TGIFriday's Morato so we can avail of the P99 peso chicken fingers -- sigh, it was heaven, except that with drinks and appetizers, we still ended up spending around P500 each. truly, it's so expensive to eat out these days. i think i shall just eat at my (now) uber favorite subway. then again, i don't know what i shall do once they stop having subs of the day.

dessert was at the lovely, lovely fleur de lys.

after that, they were just thinking of dropping me off at megamall where spike was parked but then we had so much fun being together that ...

... we parked at podium and went around for a bit (with ting buying an umbrella from NBS bestsellers of all places) and then crossed over to ...

the tiangge at st. frances square where ting had to stop us from buying, and buying, and buying ... sigh.

it was a lovely mid-week adventure. i felt a bit wala sa uso cause while the entire universe was watching history unfold as noynoy took his oath as president and gave his now-famous "no wangwang" speech, i was gallivanting around metro manila carrying about as if buying ceramic apples were more important than the next six years.

then again, admit it. wasn't 50% of you just majorly curious where james yap was?

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