Saturday, July 31, 2010

how could it be eleven in the evening already?

before i went to sleep yesterday, i had a plan: go to work and work till i just have enough energy to get home and crash. of course i got home really late, but who cared. i was thinking positive thoughts and in my heart, positive thoughts were sufficient to get the job done.

and then i woke up at 9 am. what's worse, while that was late already, i said, a couple more minutes and i ended waking up at 11. then i turned on the tv and ended up watching showtime. and then it was pilipinas win na win and i wanted to see the new show (i'm a closet krissie fan, shhhh.) so i stayed in bed ... and i stayed there until it was elive and i was able to peel myself away.

for the record, can i just say that robin padilla, for all intents and purposes, is a vampire? he doesn't age, he's hotter than ever, and he positively sparkles. oh, mariel, i so do not blame you for falling for him. he's as rough as zanjoe, but infinitely more gwapo, more suave, and a definite a-lister. go, girl, go!

moving on -- hoping i could make the most out of the rest of my day, i sat on my (clean) desk and made a list of the stuff i had to do: have tire vulcanized, withdraw money, buy baon stuff for trip, go to sun. and then i left.

errand 1 went okay -- i was lucky enough to arrive when there were zero customers (soon after i arrived a whole slew of people needing vulcanizing jobs arrived) and was done in fifteen minutes.

errand 2 went okay too. atm was working, withdrew the money i needed, and left. two minutes, tops.

and then i arrived at robinson's bf. remember how i went there once to buy light and came home with a television? well, it happened again, sort of.

so there i was, going up the escalator, to go to the sun shop on the second floor when i spied a home sale. so i checked it out. nothing to lose, right?

wrong. money was lost ... on a whole lot of stuff.

so at first i spied this nice lumbar pillow. 100 pesos. i likey. so i asked the guy, are there others? so he went to get some and while i was waiting i saw a round red pillow. perfect. i had been searching for a round pillow for a while.

then he came back and uttered the words that led to my "downfall" -- ma'am madami pa po doon sa loob.

loob? loob where? turns out they were occupying the space beside handyman.

so i went and golly golly golly. it was a treasure trove of home stuff, almost all on 50% off. and, if they weren't on 50% off, they were priced so low that you wouldn't really mind that they weren't on sale. the only problem was that if you wanted something, you had to dig, and dig deep.

and that's exactly what i did. i don't know exactly how long it took, but before i knew it, i had two covers sized for a lumbar pillow, three sparkly throw pillow covers, and two natural-fiber-looking throw pillow covers. add to that the two earlier lumbar pillows (i dumped the round pillow by then) and i had two giant bags of stuff. crazy, i know.

after that i resumed "normal programming" and did the rest of my errands. but then, i couldn't, for the life of me, go home without buying pillows to go inside my pillow cases (the stuff they had at robinson's were all the "decorated" stuff -- no simple fillers) so i made a not-so-side trip to SM southmall.

henry sy -- you truly call out to me all the time.

let's just say it was 8 by the time i got home. add to that the time stuffing pillowcases, figuring out where stuff should go, and sewing shut a throw pillow cover (i had bought one with a broken zipper -- but it was the one i loved the most and at 40pesos, i didn't exactly mind just sewing it shut) and, surprise, surprise, it's almost midnight.

and all i've got to show for it are a whole lot of throw pillows.


hello, world, this is rosa, the new home addict, signing off for now. i am using positive thoughts to bring me to the office tomorrow (i really need to work, boo me) and if i know what's good for me, i will haul my jiggly ass there, bright and early.

2 said hello!:

ralf roldan said...

Atleast fair ka --- Gokongwei and Sy and pinaligaya mo nung weekend!

roxy said...

yes. i am an equal opportunity shopper. then again, there's the tantocos and the ayalas pa pala :) hahaha.

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