Wednesday, July 28, 2010

oh, younglings, we so have a problem.

dear sherry and john (and burger and clara),

sometimes, i don't know if i should regret the day that someone put the link of your website on twitter and i clicked on it and i started reading your blog. because seriously, after reading all the little tabs, and going back in time (i'm on august 11, 2008) now, i must admit, i've got a serious young house love addiction.

now, while that's necessarily a bad thing (i actually cleaned out parts of my house and room that i've dared not venture into in years), i remember promising henry sy that he and i ought to cool things off for the meantime. and cooling off with henry means avoiding SM as much as i can. unfortunately, since i've been so hooked on fixing up my house, getting rid of stuff and getting some new ones (unavoidable in certain situations), henry and i, well, we're so back.

at first, i told myself, all i needed was a place for me to get some work done that isn't the ironing board. so i cleaned out my desk. but since i was removing the bazillions of hotel toothbrushes and what nots, i ended up cleaning my shoe cabinet to transfer my toiletries there. and then i envied clara's lined drawers so i lined my desk drawers as well as my night table drawers. and since my night table drawers turned heavenly, i couldn't avoid cleaning the entire night table.

well, i guess you get the idea.

and you know what else? i've gotten pretty adventurous too. for the longest time, i've been looking for clear glass jars to hold my cotton, qtips, and floss picks. i saw one that was perfect, until i realized that the metal top might rust in my bathroom. so once more, i searched high and low. unfortunately, the only thing that was available was this nice jar with plastic/rubber stoppers, which i hated cause, well, they made opening the jars difficult. for a couple of days i kept looking at the jars, knowing i wanted them but knowing too that it wouldn't work until i realized that, hey, why not remove the plastic/rubber stopper, which i did, and viola, perfect jars. happiness.

i've also gotten pretty neat. for the first time in months, i didn't rush out of bed (although i desperately needed to) and took the five minutes to make the bed. the reason? well, because i finally whipped out the nice blanket + matching pillow sham my mom sent me from target, which fabulously matched existing sheets so i couldn't exactly leave without fixing the bed. after all, no matter how pretty my sheets, blanket, and pillows are, if they were all in a pile when i arrived home, it wouldn't be so lovely, right?

of course, its going to take eons before my three bedroom, two bathroom (with a maid's room + maid's bath to boot) will be in young house love condition. and given that i live in a third world country, the DIY options available to you will mostly have to be contracted out once i make enough money to do that. but considering that you guys have been at it for several years now and are still going at it, i guess i should be happy that i've at least hung my own curtains and once i retrieve the drill from my brother, who knows how far i can go.

with much love from your fan,


2 said hello!:

jen said...

you are so hooked!

i'm reserving all the ideas for when we move into our SMALL condo. i look forward to the day that you post room reveals. :)

roxy said...

oh yes, sobra. but given that i am stuck with a whole lot of parental furniture, no maid, and almost zero budget, i am afraid that my reveals aren't going to be much. it's just exciting though to do something.

but then you're moving into a condo!!! blank slate!!!! that's going to be soooo much fun. i'm waiting for YOUR reveals.

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