Wednesday, July 07, 2010

dear world, gusto niyo po ba talaga ako pumayat?

i am a creature of habit. if there was a grand plot to assassinate me or something (uhm, hello summer students, i know you want to do this), it would be as easy as a pie since i hardly ever change stuff around.

heck, i even order the same thing from my lunch place all the time: monday - sinigang na bangus; thursday - bachoy; friday - rellenong bangus.

predictable, right?

so as i was having a really horrible day yesterday, going through a personal mini-crisis or sorts, i figured why not resolve it the best (and most effective) way i know how -- by food, and by food, i meant my staple food. as i said, i am a creature of habit.

okay, i know i could lose more than a few pounds, and i've said countless of times that i'm going to diet and stop eating stuff, but yesterday was a really bad day, and i had stayed in the office later than usual working on yet another pleading, so i was hungry and i really needed food in my system.

first stop was subway. fail #1. it was not even 8pm and they had run out of bread already. so much for my sub of the day fix.

second stop was MXT. jumbo siopao at Php65 = happiness. fail #2. it wasn't there. at first i thought i had the wrong floor so i went up one more floor. not there either. apparently it had closed down. but i ate there at least once a week (or once at least every two weeks). how could it close down without so much as a tiny piece of bond paper stating where it transferred or when it would open again? boo, megamall, boo.

with two "fails" i was pretty despondent. i figured maybe it was time to cut my losses and just go home. after all, barely a kilometer away from my home is my not-so-secret 24-hour favorite lugawan place. i could always go there.

but i was hungry, the stomach-growling kind, and i was miles and miles away from home. so i stopped by kfc, ordered take-out, and devoured the coleslaw salad while on the shuttle to alabang. with the yummy smell of chicken and gravy wafting from the plastic bag on my lap, i knew i will survive till i got home.

and i did.

except that, had i not bought the kfc, and had i counted on my lugaw place, i would have been in for fail #3. cause when i passed by, for some reason, it was closed and boarded up and *gasp* no tiny bond paper telling me when it will open again or if it ever will.

Edit, at 4:28 p.m.: we had lunch with a client, and one of their representatives asked me, "when are you due?" i actually couldn't understand what he was asking and i asked him to repeat several times until i realized he thought i was pregnant. i couldn't say anything except, taba lang po yan. so yes, world, i hear you loud and clear. gusto mo na talaga ako pumayat. diet begins ... tomorrow?

* i know the picture has nothing to do with the post, but it's a happy picture, during a happy moment, and we all should be reminded of happy stuff, right?

3 said hello!:

trisha said...

try eating salads only, eat more protein and veggies but no rice, no fastfood, no anything fried. :) sabay tayo mag diet you want? as i said gym buddy.

roxy said...

but ... but ... that would be so sad (the stuff i cannot eat)

hahaha. see. that's why i have a problem losing weight :)

trisha said...

yeah i know. we have the same problem actually. like i am addicted to sweets and kfc too, lalo na the tuna pie of jollibee...yum di ba? sometimes i have a cheat day. basta let me know when you are free then i can visit you. lets have a chat once in a while. and have lunch or dinner, my treat. :)

and maybe give you some beauty stuff for free and sims 3 pa. :)

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