Friday, July 16, 2010

oh, hello weekend, are you planning to disappear on me

see this?

as i've blogged yesterday, my upcoming week is going to be quite crazy. and, oh, add to that a VA decision i have to draft for my boss BY MONDAY and clearly, the weekend of sleeping in bed, lounging about with a good book, and attempting to prettify my house just said sayonara to me.

oh, boo-hoo.

that said, i still can't get over the fact that my career drama, which hit an all time high last friday, has virtually dissipated. could it be the dinner with good friends vanessa and rey? could it be impromptu dinner with pazi and jen? or could it be yet another weekend spent lounging about in bed and cleaning the house in a mad dash to accommodate instant dinner guests? i don't really know. what i do know is that while my current work situation still leaves much to be desired, i am actually much better now, and cravings for comfort foods of whatever nature have virtually ceased.

i am thinking though if i should do overtime tonight -- i really have to get cracking on a whole lot of things -- so that even if really will do an overtime tomorrow -- decisions don't write themselves overnight -- i will be less pressured. with three pleadings i want to be able to submit by next week, plus this decision that i have to draft, i truly, truly, truly must get cracking soon (i.e. now na, ala krissie a.)

my contact lenses are giving me problems though, and there's nothing more i want than to remove them already and put on my nerdy glasses, and lounge (i clearly love lounging). but i musn't, i shouldn't, and i couldn't. work beckons, people, and this is me saying, goodbye weekend, it was nice having you last week.

p.s. could it be though that this positivity for work-related stuff is coming from the fact that i will be taking two days off in august to hie off to vietnam and that there's be two (two!!! oh how positively lovely) long weekends in august, one after the other that the craziness that is july is just oh-so-bearable. i dunno, but i am so glad i've got my mojo back.

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