Thursday, November 30, 2006

hurrah for good things

a storm is raging somewhere in the philippines and while pag-asa claimed it will be signal number 2 in manila by tonight, the weather is still peaceful where i am. that's good thing number 1.

since a storm is supposedly raging, alnp alabang cancelled its commitment night for tomorrow. that left this evening free for me to make my way to qc and finally open the balikbayan box which came for us.

and, as with all balikbayan boxes, good things come inside.

d&b bag, d&b lunch bag, towels, bedsheets, gummy bears, make-up, make-up bags, post-its, highlighters, notebooks, notebook paper (ok, i know i'm not in school anymore but i am a major sucker for school supplies), and a whole lot of knick-knacks.


all those plus my third pair of seychelle's shoes (i still haven't bought the lilac suede pumps... i bought this orange-y brown flats that are soooo pretty), the list goes on and on.

happy weekend, everyone.

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