Saturday, November 25, 2006

26 days ... and counting.

i'm counting every single day until it's december 21.

thank god this week will be consumed by practices for our commitment night in lingkod. and thank god next saturday will be a full day for me, with my grand aunt's 80th birthday party plus a morning with the kids of tuloy sa don bosco.

thank god there's the all consuming desire to lose weight, especially now there's the need to fit into a gorgeous gown. oh wait, there's the need to find gorgeous gown in the first place.

but 26 days, well, 26 days will crawl and creep and take forever. and when that day finally comes, i'm willing to bet that each second will feel like torture until it's almost 7 pm.

and you know what the funny thing is? it's not even my wedding. and it's not even a wedding i want to attend in the first place.

but he will be going with me and that will make all the difference in the entire universe.

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