Monday, November 20, 2006

pampanga, pacman, and pldt boy.

my weekend couldn't have gotten any better.

after boxing last saturday, i met some of the brother and sisters from lingkod at ATC and by three, we were off to pampanga.

the trip there would have been pretty uneventful had it not been for the fact that i was in the same car as pldt boy. being the naturally chatty and inquisitive person i was, it was not long before i had interrogated him on everything.

well, almost everything. it was not long before one of the sisters who knew i had a major thing for pldt boy began giving me the evil eye, as if trying to tell me that i had no business "investigating" this person, especially considering that he had shown absolutely zilch interest in me.

oh well.

every single minute at pampanga was fun, from joining the ALNP prayer meeting at san fernando to crashing ALNP angeles' fellowship at mimosa (and, in the process enjoying a whole lot of divine food, so much for my diet). and that was just what we did on the first day. we slept at guagua, pampanga where we also heard mass in this pretty church with an amazing all-male choir. after brunch, we then headed out to angeles once more where we had lunch (yes, brunch then lunch ... pampanga means no dieting allowed, it seems) at the house of a sister. we were served sinigang (my absolute favorite), sisig, and inihaw na tilapia. while we were served dessert (as if we still had space for that), all of us rushed through it since pacman's fight was about to be shown already.

so what if we knew pacman was going to win already, right? for one, i was watching it to gaze at morales and nothing else.

after the fight (uhm, if you could call it that), we then went to dau to visit a brother who was celebrating his birthday, and that meant MORE eating, including this thing that we fondly called "slugs".

we were finally able to leave pampanga at around 7 or so, and, unlike our trip going there, the drive home was pretty uneventful. we were all tired, we all wanted to get home already, and we all had work the following day. we did have fun though taking pictures at mcdonald's petron. if you were there sometime 8 p.m. well, we were the group that bought a single cup of coffee but pretty much abused the place. horrible, aren't we?

an amazing weekend all in all. hopefully i'd have pictures to show for it soon.

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