Monday, November 13, 2006

today the government gave us PhP7,500.

a month ago, when the rumors first came out that we were going to get money, i told myself i was going to buy me a new fino bag. i even visited the store several times contemplating on which bag to buy. i told my friends at work (sometimes telling them helps me from backing out) and told them to remind me just in case i forget.

PhP7,500 for a pretty bag is a bit too much, i agree. i've got two reasons though why i needed this bag: (1) i usually end up spending bonuses on things i can't remember, hence, a big purchase would be good cause i'd at least know where the money went and (2) i've been working hard, i need something to reward myself with. call it my early christmas gift to myself.

but then while i was hanging out with a friend and discussing the merits of the bag, he, hatefully i may add, did not agree with the purchase.

"that's too much," he said, "and you don't even need it! some of your bags are in the living room already."

uhm, well, some of them are.

so when the PhP7,500 arrived this afternoon, i knew it wasn't going towards a new bag, it was going to go straight to the bank. PhP2,500 to open a bank account for spike, my car (at the rate it "spends" money on regular check-ups, insurance, and gasoline, you'd think i was raising a child) and PhP5,000 to go to my account.

only the person i asked to deposit it to my account didn't get to the bank on time and banco de oro refused to allow me to open an account cause i didn't have a 1x1 picture with me.

clearly, the money isn't meant to go to the bank.

but whether the money should go towards a lovely fino bag, well, maybe i'll be able to figure that out tonight.

but, honestly, a new fino bag sure does sound good to me.

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