Thursday, November 09, 2006

i'm a closet britney fan. what that means is that while i don't own a single britney cd (pirated or otherwise), i'll most probably belt out at least one britney song while doing videoke with family and friends. that, and the fact that i am willing to admit in public that i watched britney's movie, crossroads, in the movie theater.

i "dumped" britney when she married kfed, basically cause kfed doesn't rock my boat and since, well, britney wasn't "britney" when she was with him. she got fat, she got kids, and she became tabloid fodder. totally unlike the "idol" that she was when she first came out.

anyway, now she's filed for divorce and is smokin' hott britney once more, well, there's a huge possibility that the britney mania might surface in me once more.

and maybe, this time around, i'd finally get around to buying one of her cds. (i bet a post kfed cd would be full of angsty mad sing-able tunes. good.)

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