Thursday, November 16, 2006

thursdays aren't usually exciting. it's pretty much like the orange lifesaver: it's not quite as popular as the red ones but it's a pretty acceptable substitute. thus, thursday isn't quite friday but the fact that you know you've got one more work day to go is pretty good.

this thursday, if i may say so myself, is pretty good.

good food over lunch.

good day at work, finally finishing this crazy decision that, IMHO, was an absolute waste of the court's time.

good boxing session. so good i actually got my first "war wound". well, it's just a tiny scrape on my knuckle but i feel like a "boxer" now. sad but true.

good post boxing session with a friend, just hanging out chatting about life while staring out into the horizon.

i never really liked thursdays. but this thursday, well, it's good enough. let's see what friday might bring.

who knows? maybe pldt boy might finally make his move.

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