Wednesday, November 01, 2006

i'm hungry but i'm too lazy to go out and get some food.

i'm bored at home but i'd rather have supernatural on the dvd player play on and on (with me hardly understanding anything as i'm not really watching) rather than go out and actually get stuff done.

today i know i've got to go out and get my own copy of inquirer (hopefully they haven't run out of copies yet), pay meralco, pldt, and cellphone bills, and buy that amazing gift for my godchild before they run out of it but i can't seem to get around to doing it.

i've been awake since 6 (and i blame my brother for it) but as to having done something productive, well, nothing, nada, zilch. unless of course you consider the email that i've sent my mom.

the martian - who had coffee with me last night - has noted that i'm pretty bored with my life right now. lack of boys, perhaps, he asked me. well, not really.

i mean, there is forbidden boy and looking at him is enough to send shivers down my spine but then looking and actually having aren't really the same. and we all know i can't have him, right?

and pldt boy. gah. either it's going to happen, or it's not. at this rate, it's not. but he is hott, damn it, really really hott and had it not been for lingkod, well, i'd have done every single thing in the book to be with him. as things stand right now, though, i am supposed to be content with just pining for him. pining quietly and silently and pray to dear god that he never ever figures out how i feel about him.

it's stupid how these things consume me right now, especially when just watching television you'd realize a million and one things that are worth consuming you as opposed to mundane things like hunger pangs and boys. but then, this is me, and i am as shallow as can be.

and sometimes, it's the shallow that gets us through the day.

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