Monday, November 27, 2006

the fulfillment of a dream

while yesterday didn't really start out as an amazing day, it turned out okay, well, more than okay, thanks to fb.

it started out with me being very hungry by 3p.m., so i sent fb an SMS.

"gutom ako"

fb wasn't really nice at first. "may tinatapos ako."


i contented myself with pandesal. then, before going home, i spied his car still in the parking lot. at 5pm.

himala. i called, "sipag ah."

turns out he was just waiting for his boss to leave. and then he said something that made my heart leap, "halika pakainin na kita."

we made plans to meet at figaro at ccp but it turns out it closed recently. since he knows i want dimsum, we went to gloria maris beside coconut palace but they didn't have dimsum so we had to leave again.

hungry, tired, and desperate, he asked me, "gusto mo i-try jumbo floating restaurant?"

see, a week or two ago, i told him that i've always wanted to eat there. i never got the chance to do it in hong kong cause my parents felt it was too expensive for chinese food, not to mention my mom isn't really a fan of authentic chinese food. then, we were supposed to eat there for my cousin's graduation but my grandmother refuses to eat something that isn't on dry land so we scrapped the plan.

"sigurado ka?" i asked. i mean, come on. it must be expensive.

he nodded.

so we went in and we were seated at this place with a horrible view and we were informed within five seconds that no, they only had dimsum at lunch.


but i guess he was tired of looking for a place to eat in (the only other choice was the ihawan place by the bay) and he knew how much i wanted to eat there so we did.

rice and shrimps.

good food but the bill shocked me. i mean, come on, good food shouldn't cost that much.

thank god it didn't shock him. he paid.

he paid in spite of the fact that i made the stupid, dumb, and uneducated mistake of telling him that the wash water was sauce for the shrimp.

see, they put the rice, the shrimp, and the wash water all at the same time on top of the lazy susan. and no one bothered to explain to us what that liquid in the bowl was.

it was just placed there.

and so i assumed it was for the shrimp. and i told him that. and since he apparently trusts me, he tasted it.

only to complain.

we had a laugh over that.

a hearty laugh.

but i know i'll never hear the end of it from him.

i don't care. i've finally eaten at jumbo floating restaurant.

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