Friday, November 17, 2006

let me delude myself now. see, i actually believed the saleslady in a store when she told me "siguro ma'am nag-gy-gym kayo kasi maganda katawan niyo." i'm willing to bet she just wanted to make a sale.

but when every part of you is aching and you've probably used more alaxan gel than manny pacquiao after a fight with morales, you'd cling on to anything to make you take another beating at elorde, right?

anyway, i cheated on my trainer yesterday and decided to try out this boxing gym recommended by a friend from work. it's a gym located at the fourth floor of wesleyan colleges (somewhere in taft, behind arellano school of law, just can't remember the name now, my bad) and while the fees are pretty much the same as those in elorde, i realized that a kind-hearted trainer won't do me any good. unlike lando (my elorde trainer), this guy let me rest when i wanted to rest, let me slack-off when he'd see me panting, and ignored the "short cuts" in throwing my punches. he was kind, but he didn't seem that motivated in making sure i was doing everything right. enough cheating, then. tomorrow, i will subject myself to another gruelling torture boxing session with lando. after all, i do want to win that bet.

with every fiber of my being consummed with boxing, i haven't had given enough attention to other noteworthy things, such as the return of the red cups at starbucks! so far, i only have four pathetic stamps in my "planner card" (or whatever it is that they call it) and considering that it takes almost forever to burn off all the calories i'd ingest in a single cup of peppermint mocha, a huge part of me wants to call my bid for a planner quits. two things, however, are preventing me from doing that: (1) peppermint comes only once a year - and i do love peppermint beyond all comprehension and (2) the planner is v. v. pretty.

pam has posted about the wishing bracelets and i want one too. i actually want a specific bracelet and if you know me well enough, you'd know it's the one which says "i want more shoes." and you know what, i really do.

oh, by the way, i've opened a bank account for spike. my officemate kidded me about it, basically laughing at the thought that anyone would open a bank account for her car but then at the rate that car consumes money for repairs, insurance, and what-not, i'm going to need to set aside money for it specifically so i don't mess with my other accounts whenever something big comes up, like the way the 30k check-up ruined my budget. my mom was right. having a car is like having a kid.

this is it for my friday then. enjoy the weekend, everyone!

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