Tuesday, November 07, 2006

sorry world, it's just been a really shitty day.

really, it should have been a good day. after all, how often do i received a bunch of pink roses first thing in the morning from an unknown person?

but then there are things that lovely flowers simply cannot cure.

so if you were the driver of the baby blue hyundai getz that i honked at for a full minute for stopping in the middle of a very narrow road to unload a person, i'm sorry. (although i still believe it was bad manners to have stopped in the middle of the road, effectively preventing anyone from passing on either side.)

and if you were the jeepney drive i had a "gitgitan" contest with, i'm sorry too.

i'm sorry if during the course of the day i lost my patience with you or if while driving home i cut you off. i'm sorry if i didn't give a tip even if the service was pretty good and i'm sorry if i refused to do you any favors.

there are just days when even the chirpiest of us refuses to chirp. today happens to be one of those days.

it could be PMS (although way tooooo early for that) or could be cause sun did something totally evil and shitty again (if i don't reply to your messages, you know it's not cause i'm snubbing you.).

i dunno.

it's just been a really bad day and i can't wait for it to end.

p.s. if you were the one who gave me the roses though, thank you very very much. were it not for those, i'd probably have ended up a lot worse.

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