Sunday, December 03, 2006

22 days till christmas...

... and less days than that until that fateful wedding. but somehow, i'm not as excited as i was when i first heard about it. see, the aunt who invited me to the wedding isn't as trustworthy as aunts are supposed to be. we saw each other over the weekend and not only did she seem to avoid me and the other members of our family (opting to sit with people she didn't know in another table) but she likewise avoided mentioning anything about having invited us to her daughter's wedding.

while i'm sure i didn't imagine her text message inviting me to the wedding, i've begun to think that she "fake-invited" me and was actually quite surprised i agreed to go to her kid's wedding, considering that she and my mom have had this life-long feud. me, i'm not particularly interested in taking part in the wedding. i just want to get the opportunity to see pldt boy in something other than shirt and jeans.

tsk tsk. seems like those of us who have bad intentions lose out in the end. now, if it turns out it was a fake invitation, i might end up having to un-invite pldt boy.

man. i hate this.

on to better thoughts.

dropped by the coach website and i'm totally lusting after the tote that you can personalize by monogramming it. at more than $300 dollars for the bag plus the service, it's clearly going to take a really generous person to ensure that the bag makes an appearance under my christmas tree this year.

oh well.

at least i've got a new dooney and bourke bag courtesy of my parents and i totally love it. if only for that i'm excited to go to work tomorrow.

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