Tuesday, November 28, 2006

shoe love

today almost made it to our list of "the saddest things in the world."

well, almost.

see, i wasn't having a good day fashion wise when i went to work this morning. for some strange reason, nothing in my shoe closet fit the outfit i had selected for work.

well, almost nothing except this pair that i haven't worn in ages. a pair of round toe heels i bought when the craze first started, a pair i haven't worn in a while, a pair that is soon bound to make it to the trash bin. tipong isang suot na lang, pwede nang kunin ni god.

i wore them, believing with all honestly, that i am doing them a favor by wearing them one last time. it's like going out on one last date with the boy you knew you were going to break up with by the end of the evening.

when i got to work though, it became apparent that the shoe had beaten me to the punch. probably due to a lot of factors, heat and non-use included, one of the decorative straps decided to unglue itself from the sole. by the time 10:30 am came, decorative straps on both shoes have unglued themselves and were swinging gaily.

my officemates - none of them even remotely addicted to shoes - told me i should just have the shoe repaired somewhere. clearly, they didn't know of my plan to break-up with the shoe.

i told my officemates that we had to eat lunch at robinson's place. i NEEDED new shoes.

i was confident i was going to find an acceptable pair of shoes to replace the evil pair i was wearing. after all, isn't robinson's place manila THE mall which always has something on sale.

uhm, no. on the single day i desperately needed a new pair, the only shoes on sale inside the department store were shoes i wouldn't even wear if they were given to me.

and, oh. even the shoes selling for full price weren't shoes i'd buy on 70% off.

i walked out, dejected. the shoe whore has lost this battle.

sa celine, my officemate told me. so i went there and i spied a beautiful pair of leopard print ballet flats selling for PhP499. i requested for a size 8.

wala. so i picked another pair. they had it in 8 but i didn't like it so much and the color didn't look that good with the pants i was wearing.

emboldened by the fact that i had my 13th month pay deposited in my atm, i asked my officemates to go with me to nine west. last na, i told them.

nothing. nada. zilch. gay then said the magic words, "this is one of the saddest things in the world. to be so decided to buy a pair of shoes and not find any."

i agreed, but only until we got to rustan's and i saw the magic letters.





but then, i don't exactly have a love-love relationship with rustan's. clearly nothing like my relationship with SM.

but maybe the tantocos are making a bid for the heart that so belongs to henry sy. because when i came in, i spied a beautiful pair of barney-purple heels.

size 8 barney-purple heels by seychelles. they were not only on sale (from 4k++ to PhP1,350) but they went with my outfit and they fit me perfectly. and oh, i loved them at first sight.

so i told the girl i was going to purchase them. then the girl said, ok po ma'am. 638 pesos na lang po.

i must have misheard her. so i asked her again, magkano?

she repeated it word for word.

needless to say, i got another pair.

and i would have gotten a third had the third pair not been lilac suede shoes. for the life of me, i can't imagine where i can wear lilac suede shoes.

but then again, i've got tonight to think so who knows. maybe tomorrow, i'd feel an affinity for lilac suede shoes.

and at 638 pesos, i'm beginning to think i don't even need to feel any affinity towards them to take the leap and buy them. these are, after all, shoes.

and we all know how much i love shoes.

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