Tuesday, November 14, 2006

i thought it was going to get easier.

it wasn't.

it actually got a bit harder, especially when we were doing the abdominal exercises. there were parts of my tummy that were calling out for help, parts that i didn't know existed prior to this day.

and my punches, well, they were flying all over the place. clearly i lose control of my arms half an hour into the workout.

let's not even talk about the huge amounts of sweat that came out of me today. i could have irrigated a small town in bulacan.

i had hoped that when i weighed myself when i got home there'd be some progress. a pound. or two. anything.

guess what, no change. not even a teeny tiny bit of change. the arrow decidedly stayed at my pre-boxing weight. heck, i weigh more than pacquiao.


but then we had crispy pata, sisig, crisy kangkong, and inihaw na pusit for lunch. and i didn't hold back on the rice (i ate a full cup!), nor did refrain from ordering a drink (lemonade). and we also had pancit bihon for merienda to celebrate someone's birthday. clearly, these are things that aren't going to help me in my bid to lose weight.

oh well. i'm keeping a positive attitude about this. i am enjoying boxing and it's keeping me busy (too busy to think about pldt boy, forbidden boy, and the pilot).

but hopefully, hopefully, hopefully, i begin to show some progress after this week. i don't know how long i'll be able to keep this positive attitude if i don't lose weight soon.

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