Friday, May 16, 2003

you had me at hello

first time i saw the honda city i was mesmerized.

but then YOU guys kept telling me to get a toyota. so being the good girl i am, will be waiting for the launch of the new toyota vios 17 days from now and see how it holds us to the new honda city.

* * *

i'm wishing the vios comes in pink... or pale rose as the toyota people call it.

wouldn't it be cool? me in a pink car?

* * *

i swear that the only thing that's girly about me is the fact that i like pink.

* * *

i wish i could afford the car. but it totally means a major change of lifestyle. as in no more trips to coffee places when i want a nice cool (cool as in malamig not cool as in nice place to be seen in. at 26 i think i'm over that) place to study in. as in no more new bags or shoes for a long long time. as in no more dinners out in those nice new places in greenbelt. as in avoiding the tiangges and night markets that have been sprouting everywhere. as in no more triple chocolate cookie in the morning.

but ... i have a car. mwahahahaha!

* * *

it'll be stretching my budget really bad. it means giving up my life savings. it means being in debt to my parents for a long time.

but you're 26 only once. you can only blow your savings that way only once. the moment you get married and have kids, you'd have to stop thinking about yourself and about them more.

* * *

in case i don't get to post this weekend -- vacationing with my aunt -- HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARK! you're a year older... i hope you're a year wiser too.

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