Friday, May 30, 2003

everyone, meet spike

well, this isn't really spike, not yet, but come on, you must admit he's a beauty.

1.3 engine, 16 valve. suspension is pretty much like that of the grand vitara. drove one yesterday and although the ride is definitely not as comfortable as that of a car's, it's nice being perched way up there. imagine being able to stare a jeepney driver in the eye while fighting for that tiny bit of space on the road -- that's how being in the jimny feels like. driving in tiny streets in mandaluyong, especially that road leading up to pvl restaurant, wasn't much of a hassle either cause the jimny, as the brochure proudly states, is a cute 4x4.

cute could mean a lot of things though. for one, it could be cute cause of all the nice thoughtful details it has: clarion am/fm radio with cd player, cup holders for both the front and rear seats, four three-point seatbelts, two glove compartments, and fully folding rear chairs. but then again, cute could mean small, and the jimny is that, really small. it has no trunk to speak of, save for the twelve inches between the backs of the rear chairs and the third "door" at the back. unless one folds the chairs, good luck on being able to lug home a week's worth of grocery for a family of four.

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