Wednesday, May 21, 2003

still trying to convince me to blog

Well, you succeeded ... sort of.

And on this wonderful day of your triumph, I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY.

Rosa: Can't you write about me?
Me: (Silence)

What do you want to read about yourself? (Why do I want to know? I aim to please ... sometimes.)

Rosa: Write about the way you hate _ _ _ _ ...
Me: (Silence again)

Why would I force my very tired brain cells to write about someone I don't like, someone whose very name is bound to make me squirm in disgust, most especially when you talk about him in such glowing terms?

Rosa: (Jumps of the table) Heee-hyee-hyeeek! (Flashes me visual SOS to say that BB's coming)
Me: (Silence ... still)

You like it when I'm all riled up, no? And yes, I agree with you: a building painted in terra cotta, pink and yellow looks just absolutely puke-worthy.

Rosa: (With an evil gleam in her eyes) Oh, I have seen Equilibrium!
Me: (Silence ... but not for long!) Wha ... (Mouth drops open)

What the prawns! You saw Equilibrium? You saw Equilibrium? YOU SAW EQULIBRIUM?!?!?!

Rosa: Ang galing niya! Tapos may ganito pa siya o ... (With fingers trying desperately to look like guns, demonstrates -- quite weirdly, if I may add -- Christian Bale's complicated choreographed massacre of his enemies) Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch! Ang galing niyang bumaril. (Authoritatively) It's actually better than the Matrix.
Me: (Mouth still agape ... largely to prevent myself from laughing so hard)

Rosa, there are days when you're so ... so ... magulo I can't work but I'm actually glad you came to the office today. I needed a laugh.

And maybe, to blog. (But I'm still not putting one up so that you and the rest of the world can read about my little, pathetic, boring life.)

-- Vanessa

By the way, a stapler, is never -- I REPEAT -- never to be considered an armed weapon.

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