Wednesday, May 28, 2003

it's raining outside and i can't go out and play

i've always rushed through school. when i was in grade school, i wanted to be in high school. when i was in high school, i wanted to be in college. ultimately, it ended up with me wanting to be working, free of all the trappings that formal education has.

boy was i wrong. apparently, when you're already working, things like floods, heavy rainfall, and storm signals don't matter. whereas you can glance outside, see heavy rains, and declare with glee "no classes" while you're still in school, it doesn't work that way when you're working anymore. you'd have to force yourself out of bed, brave a cold shower, try to look for an outfit that will show the least amount of mud spots, and venture out of your house tightly clutching your raincoat and umbrella.


* * *

there used to be a time though when BB would tell us to stay at home and just send our output via email when the weather gets to be this awful. when HRH took over, however, she made sure that everyone would be miserable by disallowing telecommuting. EVERYONE has to go to work -- forget that it's flooded outside your gate, that there is no way that you can safely travel to work in office clothes, and that half of metro manila have been sent home.

the funny thing though is that yesterday, after she went home for lunch, she never returned again. malakas daw kasi ang ulan.

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