Saturday, May 17, 2003

back to reality


just got word that (1) public international law grades are out and (2) there are people who failed.

it wasn't exactly my best subject. my papers weren't exactly stellar. i had around six recitations which although were okay in my opinion, may not have been the same from dean magallona's point of view.

with vacation, thesis, the car accident, and major changes at work, i have forgotten that before anything else, i am a law student and that should have worried a bit about my god-awful second semester.

* * *

my last really awful semester was second semester of freshman year when i attempted to do both law and work full-time. it was awful. i'd cut oblicon to make it to my 4 p.m. class or leave consti 2 early to make it to my comprehensive exams. it didn't help that i also had chicken pox that semester, and got sick a lot.

this time around, i had too much fun being someone's girlfriend that my study table and i really didn't connect the entire semester. according to my roommate, my side of the room was actually quite peaceful cause i was asleep or out most of the time.

* * *

i have never failed a law subject, although i had come really close to it a couple of times.

god i'm so so scared.

i promise, a 3.0 (passing grade) would really really be ok. no complaints if i get that.

please please please please please.

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