Friday, May 09, 2003

sige lang, sige lang, itaas ang kilay!


terribly, lousy, shitty service.

* * *

at first i tried to be cooperative. i listened to the insurance coordinator as she explained to me how our former coordinator in isuzu made us balahura by directly filing our insurance application with people's general instead of filing it as an in-house insurance of isuzu. had i not filed any claims, this would have gone unnoticed. however, because of the accident, i would now have to bear the consequences of what she did.

no way. no effing way.

* * *

weakless, spineless insurance coordinator kept washing her hand off the entire thing. she kept telling me that since it wasn't an in-house account she couldn't do anything about it. she kept forcing me just have the car fixed at one of their accredited talyers. she kept feeding me lines. and she kept making me do her job by having me talk to her supervisor.

by the time i talked to who seemed to be the millionth person from people's general, i was ticked off.

in perfect english (i usually lapse into taglish in regular conversation) i told him off. i told him how the contract was entered into good faith and how this shouldn't be my problem. i told him how i'd have him sued first before i spring for towing (again), evaluation, and storage. i told him under no circumstances will i have it repaired by some hole in the wall car repair shop of their own choosing. i told him -- and this is my favorite part -- that had i known that that was what their insurance company would be doing to me, i would have just picked some tpl insurance company in front of LTO.

in the end, a compromise was reached. the car will be repaired by isuzu alabang (amazing service). they will supply the parts.

wait ... parts... leche, baka lagyan nang taiwan ang kotse.

* * *

that meant i had to stay and wait for the adjuster.

this man i bullied without thinking twice.

* * *

kahit 2.5 lang ako sa agency & partnership and isurance, i believe i understood both subjects completely. there was no way that i would have allowed them to walk all over me.

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