Wednesday, May 07, 2003

i want...

... someone who will not hesitate to tell me i'm beautiful even with bed head, morning breath, and a scowl for being woken up early, and mean it.
... someone who can take care of himself.
... someone who has been raised by women but is not gay.
... someone who gets the punchline right after you've delivered the joke, not five minutes later.
... someone who respects my passions, shares some of them, but has enough of his own to keep him entertained.
... someone who i can talk to till the wee hours of the morning about anything and everything, britney spears included.
... someone who will sing "crash into me" right before we make love.
... someone who dresses well.
... someone who can help me shop for stuff instead of stand outside the shop and grumble about the time being "wasted"
... someone who will appreciate what you've done to yourself after spending hours in the parlor, but not complain when you haven't had the time to go to the parlor to "pretty-fy" yourself.
... someone who will allow me to use his car -- and actually drive it -- when i'm in major need of transportation.
... someone who will not mind being driven around by a girl
... someone who fulfills the checklist: a basketball-playing, god-fearing, family-oriented UP or ateneo grad who does not mess up his pronounciation and grammar.

and in the event he does come into my life, i promise to ...

... not forget the fact that although he loved me for more than my looks, it doesn't mean i have to let myself go.
... take care of his needs even if he can take care of himself: make sure his shirts are well-pressed, that his underwear and socks have been laundered and folded, and that he will always have good food on the table.
... support his every endeavor and not nag when he's not doing what i want him to be doing.
... to be his partner -- an equal.
... never foget that a career may be a good thing, children may be blessings, but ultimately, it's our life together that should be my focus.
... do my best rendition of "you make me feel like a natural woman" after we make love, because i believe, that THAT act with him will most definitely make me feel that way.

* * *

kailan kaya siya darating? for the meantime, i better start practicing that song.

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