Monday, May 26, 2003

been wanting to visit cafe lupe since they put it up and last thursday, after a particularly horrible day at the office, mars and i decided to drop by on a whim.

the place was beautiful! we sat on this small all-glass dining area. we didn't have a view but the place was very cozy, it was free of squealing teenagers, and there were no kids rolling about in those awful wheeled rubbershoes.

unfortunately, the service was awful! with the exception of the iced tea, everything -- from the menu to the bill -- took forever to arrive. also, the food wasn't anything amazing either.

* * *

something happened today that renewed my faith in teaching. i wrote a recommendation for a student who because of a .04 difference, wasn't automatically accepted into the master's program of the university. out of the prodding of my boss, and against vanessa's wishes, i recommended her for the program. this morning, she dropped by with a letter which read:

dear ms. rosa,
I have been admitted to the fifth year of the MADE program. In this regard, allow me the privilege to have you as my chosen mentor. I believe and trust in your capacity to guide me in reaching my goals.

wow... it felt good reading that. more than the merit increase, more than the evaluation of my superiors, more than the chika praises that students sometimes give you, this was something that makes the low salary, long days, and frustrations all worth it.

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