Monday, May 19, 2003

last few days...

i'm officially down to the last seven days of my vacation and i'm actually stuck at nueva ecija, at my aunt's house. there are nice things about the place: good lola food, internet connection that i don't have to shell out money for, airconditioning almost 24 hours a day, cheap parlors, dvd heaven -- but still, four hours away from manila alone with your old relatives isn't exactly the way you'd want to spend your last week off from work, right?

* * *

after conveniently "forgetting" the possibility that i flunked PIL, it's back on my mind again. darn.

* * *

am officially broke. i just have enough money to get to manila from cabanatuan and that's it. blame vanity. yesterday, i had significantly more money except that since my roots were showing and my aunt volunteered to take me to where she gets her hair colored, i spent my money on having my hair worked on.

amazing. it may be a small unknown parlor, but the color's amazing. as in it looks natural, which is not what i can say for the way some parlors color hair in manila (read: i don't look like puta). i also had my toenails done ... no, not red, but good old dependable tan.

* * *

huy, jae, sige na. a long bus trip for the sake of choco flakes. make the last seven days of my vacation memorable.

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