Thursday, May 08, 2003

slammed car into a pick-up making a u-turn. front of car is a total wreck.

what's worse is that i'm a total wreck myself.

* * *

thank you so much. thank you for coming through for me.

* * *

you realize who loves you when something like this happens. i don't know if they'll ever get to read this but ...

... thanks pacito for being the first person to pick up his phone and tell me what to do.
... thanks carol for not only calling the police station but for sending joel over
... thanks glen and ye for watching over the car
... thanks judy for making all the phone calls for me
... thanks pam for calling the police
... thanks jayvee for the prayers
... thanks vanessa for asking how i was and for being worried enough that your parents felt the need to come pick me up
... thanks mama for not getting mad and for telling me what to do
... thanks mars -- for everything. for coming as soon as you heard, for giving me that hug the moment you saw me, for taking charge of everything.
... thanks bree for offering to come and pick me up. thanks for telling tito efren too and having him call me and help with the insurance stuff.

* * *

am scared shitless to sit behind a wheel now. but since tow truck wasn't readily available (one company refused to tow and said they charge an arm and a leg, another company not only charged an arm and a leg but we had to wait for twenty minutes at least) had to be part of a convoy to bring my car home. mars pulled me aside, looked at me straight in the eye and said that i had to drive his car while he followed behind in my car. it was scary but i had no choice. glen brought up the rear.

hands were shaking the entire time.

* * *

it's been a really really bad year...

can't 2003 be over yet?

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