Monday, January 10, 2011

yesterday's mini-miracle

you know i love shopping. and you know i love sm shopping even more. and when sm shopping becomes sm bargain shopping, well, i am in retail therapy heaven.

and yesterday, i was in retail therapy heaven.

a long time ago, i saw this amazing katsa (canvas) and chrome laundry hamper. it wasn't your usual katsa and chrome laundry hamper, though. it was the kind which would allow you to separate your whites, coloreds, and delicates. i wanted it sooooo much, except (1) it wasn't in my budget and (2) it won't exactly fit in my bathroom.

it looked something like this:

it was one of the few times in my life that i walked away from something i loved, but I knew i had to be practical.

and then water happened.

then my washing machine broke, forcing me to finally buy the automatic washing machine i've always wanted but wasn't possible without water happening. because the washing maching was more expensive than any other washing machine i've bought before, i stuffed it in the maid's bathroom, which i've begun calling "the laundry room".

yes, i'm pretending to be westernized and all that by having a laundry room instead of a maid's room. so fitting, especially since i don't have a maid to do the laundry which i'd have to do whether i wanted it or not.

anyway, with all the home improvement stuff i've been doing, the cleaning, getting rid of stuff, and organizing to make things pretty, i've realized that hey, i can now get the laundry hamper/sorter and put it in my laundry room!

and so began the search for the laundry hamper which, for some reason, wasn't in any of the sm branches i visited. and we all know how many sm branches i actually visit when i'm on the search for something i want.

yesterday, i found myself in sm southmall, fully decided to buy it. so i actually approached a sales person and asked for it. and, miracles of miracles, this sales person actually knew what i was talking about! not only that, he volunteered to call sm megamall when i said that it was where i spied the coveted laundry hamper/sorter.

so i waited, and i waited. i checked out the other stuff i wanted (but not available in the color i needed, boo) and surprise, surprise, he came back with the laundry hamper/sorter.

it was the last piece. i tried looking at the price tag from where i was and noted that there were "before" and "now" prices so i was happy with the fact that i was going to get it cheap. what i didn't know was that i was going to get it dirt cheap.

it used to be P899.95. then it was marked down to P699.95. what it didn't say on the sticker was that the lovely, lovely piece of laundry magic was now only P270. 80% off, baby!

then the cashier asked if she could check my points, maybe i'd want to use it. so i said okay. i had around 80+ points. so i used P70 and paid P200 for my laundry baby.

P200 ... that's about a cup of coffee at starbucks and a tiny pandesal. or a pedicure at a salon. or the a tooth of the zipper of an LV bag.

guess who went home as giddy as a cat?

2 said hello!:

Frances said...

Wow! That hamper's proof that all good things go to those who wait! P200. Wow. I also wanted that same hamper but I saw it in Make Room. Or rather, Stuff in This Store Will Make Room in Your Wallet sa Sobrang Mahal! P200! Wow!

roxy said...

Hahaha! I love how you describe Make Room!!! There's so many wonderful things there but I refuse to enter because I might get sucked into buying stuff that'll kill my bank account.

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