Tuesday, January 25, 2011

officially broke

if there's one thing about me that i'm proud of, it's that i am financially responsible. or i'm just stingy with money. or i watch my money like a hawk. which isn't saying much, since i do give in to shopping binges once in a while.

so let's revise that - let's just say i've always been good with money. i guess growing up with a mom like mine made me that way. it didn't matter that my parents had absolutely nothing when they got married: they were able to send us to good schools, i never had to miss an examination cause my tuition fee was unpaid, and my underwear and socks never "baconed". i had it good, i know. so while our family didn't vacation, and we didn't have lavish stuff at home, i was confident in the fact that i would be able to finish college and that i would never have to go hungry.

add to that the fact that from the time i graduated i always had a job (yep, even when i was reviewing for the bar) meant that i was able to sustain myself swimmingly well.

until now.

i thought i was good last year - i traveled, i got to buy the tv i've always wanted, and i bought stuff for the house. then the washing machine broke. and then i had to have the plumbing fixed.

and a whole lot of stuff i can't even remember now.

so while aircon's still pending -- yes, spike is literally HOT -- i have to set it aside once more as i received the bad news that i need a root canal.

and it costs 12k. yes, as much as it would cost to fix my car aircon. and i'm so afraid that the molar is so close to the brain that i am so going to have the root canal asap and push aircon repairs aside for the meantime.

i still have to figure out though where i'll find 12k lying around. i mean i have savings, but it's on time deposit since i wanted to set aside money for a rainy day. and i just forked over P6,300 for association dues (for this lot which i had to pay for in lieu of my real estate taxes which my brother *allegedly* advanced). sadness, right?

on a happy front, i might finally get my leave monetization from the court of appeals ... in a month, or two, or three. gah, here we go again.

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