Thursday, January 20, 2011

meredith grey and me

back when grey's anatomy was new, my officemates and i assigned characters to each of ourselves. i was meredith grey, gay was christina, rache was izzy, raul was george, and lala was alex. we laughed at how each character, to a certain extent, seemed so appropriate to each one of us - like how gay could sometimes be afraid of intimacy, and how rache and raul were close to one another, and how gay, rache, raul, and i got along swimmingly well.

at some point in time i think all of us watched grey's anatomy (on dvds, hehehe) religiously, but now, i think i'm the only one still addicted to it.

anyway, i was nursing a bum stomach friday night when i remembered i still hadn't finished season 6 so i turned on the tv and dvd and started watching. there was this episode, i can't remember now which, where it struck me how hardcore these people were about being doctors and i couldn't help but feel bad over the fact that i'm not as hardcore as being a lawyer. i sent a text message to my boss/friend and i'm willing to be she thought i was drunk cause i was texting stuff in a semi-wailing state but i couldn't really get over how being a lawyer isn't my life; rather, it's just a job.


is it midlife crisis?

is it career crisis?

or worse, could it be that i wasn't really meant to be what i am now?

oh, i hope not.

i've a hearing (yay!) on wednesday. it's a labor case -- something i absolutely love with a passion -- and hopefully being in the stinky and hot corridor over at PPSTA building, appearing before a labor arbiter, and pretending i'm hot sh*t will remind me why i studied for five years (evening class kasi) and and reviewed for the bar twice only to have the honorific atty appended to my name.

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Anonymous said...

I thought I was Christina because I didn't like Meredith and Izzy was too beautiful. Haha. But you're right. Christina eventually gave in to her feelings only to be left hanging by Preston in the end. Story of my life, so yeah, I confirm that I'm Christina. haha.

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