Thursday, January 06, 2011


i am, by nature, a list maker.

back in college when everyone and their cousin had a tickles planner, i wrote down lists of things i wanted. i also made lists of things that made me happy. in a calendar i hung inside my dorm closet, i had a list of the clothes i wore for each particular day.

i make lists of goals, of plans, of things to do. i make lists of things i want, things i need, and things i wish my parents would get for me.

it's fun, especially when you get to cross off stuff from the list.

during one particularly boring meeting, i was writing lists as i was taking down the minutes. and then my boss saw my list, and commented, "OC!"

funny, anyone who's ever been to my house can attest to the fact that i am by no means an obsessive-compulsive person. then again, is it possible to be OC about one thing and not about other things? after all, i am the girl who bought a new phone because i wanted the excel file of my finances on hand at all times.

not-so-crazy, just financially responsible. haha.

anyway, i've a bazillion things of stuff i want to do later after work and when i get to town center, and it's making it difficult to concentrate on the stuff i have to write/review/research for work. so in the interest of unloading my brain, and for ready reference later, here's the list:
  • check out Gourdo's
  • do i want to buy new pillows from sleepcare? check budget. what budget?
  • true value/ace --- btw --- i have to go to ace in southmall to complain about that thing i got the other day which broke immediately after installation. when? when? when?
  • sale at plains and prints?
  • buy chicken for kuya ef's party
  • check bank balances
  • ham? for salad. s&r? but no car
  • random home stuff :) happiness!

okay, back to work.

1 said hello!:

trisha said...

i don't call it OC, more of organized. you are a very organized person, good for you! while me, i am almost getting there... :)

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