Friday, January 14, 2011

di bali na maging kambing ... basta payat na kambing

today's the first weigh in day of our biggest loser contest. i wish i could say i'm confident of winning the P500 SM GC up for grabs today, but i can't. every night, before going to sleep, i've snuck in a piece (or two!!!) of ferrero to keep me going.
you see, i've religiously been trying to cut down and, gasp, eat salads every single day.

salads are good. salads should be fun. salads should be happy. unfornately, salads make me feel like kambing.

but, as i've texted my friend, di bali na maging kambing, basta payat na kambing. still, i could only take so much greens, hence the major cheat ferrero that i try to eat as slowly as i can, nibbling that round piece of heaven a tiny bit at a time.
the biggest loser contest at work will be on till the 10th of March, a day before my officemates and i leave for dumaguete. my personal biggest loser will be on till the end of the year. if i get to my target weight, my boss has offered a free reign of her closet -- and that i can get every single piece of blouse/pants/dress that my little greedy heart desires. i've already one top in mind. maybe if i paste a picture of that on top of the ferrero box, i wouldn't be as tempted.
then again, i've a lunch at spiral tomorrow. and i'm hosting a party at my house tomorrow night. good luck to me come sunday, when real life strikes back and i am reminded that i've got to win that ipod shuffle. maybe tomorrow will just be my cheat day ... my major cheat day.
but until then, i've a salad for lunch ... and liempo. in my twisted diet universe, liempo is grilled and therefore a healthy alternative. hahaha.
edit: weigh in over ... i did lose the requisite two pounds, but anji lost more at three pounds. waaah. goodbye sm gc. next week it'll be lipstick and make-up brushes. todo na to.

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trisha said...

just focus on wanting to lose weight and keep eating salads and eat kamote and chicken breast only, not fried but either grilled or broiled. no beef, pork too. you can eat as many of seafoods you like. DO NOT LOSE HOPE. and add a little walk around the village na rin. :)

have a nice weekend!

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