Monday, January 24, 2011

heto ako, basang-basa sa ulan

and so began my weekend. i was wet, i was soaked to the bones, and i was frozen cold. and all i could do was to sing in my head, over and over again, the aegis song.

gah. so much for global warming, la nina, and crazy climates.

i got home late on friday, with the lingkod anniversary prayer meeting and fellowship after that. still, that did not stop me from attacking the lamp inside my room and spray painting in a flat white in the middle of my living/dining areas. yes, i know i should've done it outside, and yes, a sleep-deprived person won't exactly be the best person to do a full coverage in the middle of the night and yet those things did not deter me from doing my own little DIY project. i liked how it turned out, like, not love. it was okay, and let's just say that now, i'll be more confident in tweaking things up.

saturday, i woke up with the grim determination to fix my closet. why, i don't really know, but i started by hauling everything out of the two small closets in my bedroom and dumping everything on my bed. i didn't finish this job until sunday evening (i dumped everything in laundry baskets when i went to sleep saturday night) but the entire exercise made me realize that even after removing clothes i haven't really thought of in a while, and moving a whole lot of other clothes, jackets, and my suits to the master bedroom (where i used to put all my other clothes since they wouldn't fit in my bedroom closet anymore), i still have a sizable amount of clothes to wear. this just means one thing -- i shouldn't really go shopping for clothes for the next couple of months, or at least until i lose the weight i'm slowly but surely shedding off.

since my house has been "lingkod central" recently, my new AG had our meeting at home last saturday. i set the table which, oddly, impressed shy enough for her to say that she now loves my house. i'm really getting the hang of being a hostess ... and i'm loving it. i'm slowly accumulating serving stuff i like -- last weekend i bought several bowls since it turned out that the set i've been using at home has only four bowls -- enough for the members of my immediate family only! i really ought to make a trip to dapitan soon -- i want more bowls, and spoon rests, and other fancy shmancy party stuff. the two-tiered plate thing i previously got is sooooo useful, as well as the cake tray which, for some reason, has never held an actual cake yet (it has held brownies, a toffee nut loaf, and muffins, but not cake.) i've realized that the trick is to clean up immediately after the guests leave, or at least put everything back in its place, even if you mean to do the washing the morning after. it really keeps the clutter at bay, and i love it!

on a happy note, i've finally figured out why the swan (or is it goose?) neck faucet in the dirty kitchen hasn't been working properly. with my handy wrench, i dismantled the thing and learned that a lot of pipe shavings (from when they cut the pvc pipe i guess) and dirt (from who knows where) got stuck inside. once i cleaned the inside parts of the faucet, it began working fabulously well and so, no more need to do my bulk load of dishes outside! well, of course i still need to get the kitchen light working (hahaha) but for the meantime, a lamp (that used to be in the desk inside the master's bedroom) is doing quite a great job.

i'm thinking of really getting the laundry room (hehe) clean by this week -- maybe i can start tonight? it still has some of my readings from law school, as well as a whole lot of stuff. i'm thinking that if i didn't read them when i was being graded on what i learned from them, it's highly unlikely that i'll be reading them now, right?

so that was my weekend. how was yours?

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