Tuesday, January 04, 2011

forgive me spike for i have sinned

dear spike,

you know i love you. you know that we've been through thick and thin, through handsome boyfriends and fugly ones. you were there when i flunked the bar and when i passed the bar. you kept me company through every job interview, lugged my stuff home after i left the UP dorm system, my teaching job, my government job, and my law firm job. you brought me places near and far, and you don't mind when i make you fly (at least as much as you can fly) and sometimes ignore humps.

you, spike, are the best.

a month ago you shocked me when your aircon stopped being cold. and you shocked me more when the talyer said you might need P12,000 to get better. i took you to your version of asian hospital, you know for a second opinion, and they agreed. and, oh, they even said it might even cost me more, in the event there are maladies that they might have missed in their cursory inspection. plus it's going to take time -- like a week, if not more -- cause they'll have to order the parts and take the engine down (or something like that). so i promised, maybe after the break. after all, we do need to lug all my presents and what nots to QC for the holidays, right?

then bathroom repairs took over. you know, i may have bored my readers talking about my plumbing woes and leaky pipes. but you, oh you were the best. you just took me to ace hardware and wilcon builder's depot and my friend's hardware store without fail every single time i needed another elbow joint or epoxy or pvc pipe. we went around metro manila in aircon-less conditions, and your upholstery might have gotten ickier in the process, but you carried on. you're my steadfast little soldier, and i love you all the more for it.

after i said goodbye to the plumber last sunday, and promised myself i'll hold off all repairs until i get my next bonus, you probably thought, hey it'll be my turn. you probably had visions of being brought to the casa, getting your aircon fixed and repaired, and consequently, being able to spend more time with me since you'd be fully operational after the quick trip to the doctor.

that was the plan, really. it was sooooo the plan. until i told my officemates, hey, let's go to trinoma. you see, i saw some perfect ceramic stuff where i can store my kitchen sponges. at Php29.50 a pop, they'd only cost me Php59. no biggie, right? but then my boss brought us to designer boulevard, her personal shoe haven. and i flipped over this uber gorgeous steve madden round toe slingbacks to discover that the pair i wanted was on sale. on super happiness kind of sale. and then my officemate pointed out that it came in two other colors. i was able to resist the black pair (way too many black pairs of shoes, IMHO) but the bronze and pewter ones, ooohhhh, i was a goner.

i paced back and fort, pretending to think it over. but you must understand, these were shoes. shoes!!! you see, spike, before there was you, there was my love affair with shoes. i LOVE shoes. i used to make at least two trips (with a cart!!!) from my dorm room to the car just to bring out the shoes i've stashed beneath by dorm bed. i had shoes with me in my law school yearbook creative pic. i love you spike, but i guess i am addicted to shoes.

can you just imagine how pretty and confident i'd feel wearing them to work (as a matter of fact i'm feeling mighty pretty and confident right now)? so, i'm hoping you'd understand. i'm relying on the hope you'd understand. i'm so sure my love for you isn't unrequited. so inasmuch as i love you and have forgiven you for breaking down just when i needed you the most, i'm pretty sure you'd understand and forgive me too for breaking down and buying two pairs of shoes when i should've been setting aside money for your repairs.

and if you don't, well, so shoe me. (hahaha. i so have a sense of humor. tee-hee)

with much love,


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