Saturday, October 09, 2010


i live in bf, and if there's one thing that people know about bf (aside from the fact that it's the biggest subdivision), it's the fact that we don't have water.

and then they started digging. of course i was upset over the fact that the las pinas people were dragging their feet over the matter but eventually signs came up, and diggings began, and it wasn't long before the diggings were on my street.

that inconvenience was sheer bliss, i tell you.

of course after the main valve was placed in my home, i should have immediately contacted a plumber to connect me to the main but i ended up dragging my feet over the matter and so i was stuck for a while with delivered water.

until last thursday. and the plumber came. and just like that, i had water.

lots of water.

i could've emptied out anggat dam for all they cared. the girl who depended on delivered water for the past five years finally had clear, chloring-smelling water inside her home. i was in heaven (or a close proximity of it).

of course, my pipes are old, and my tiles have scum from 5 years worth of deep-well water. in spite of the copious amounts of water coming out of my faucets, i don't think i can make the tiles sparkling clean anymore. so the next step will be to get my bathrooms renovated.

but it will be done. budget lang ang katapat.

the more important thing is that i have water now. water. water. water. and it's all good.

*image is the classic photo taken by Harold Eugene Edgerton. learn more about him and his works here.

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trisha said...

true rosa! i am also jumping here because we have clean and i mean CLEAN water. no more, itchiness from my kids and allergies for me. i love taking a bath now and it takes me about an hour now. :) nice noh? :)

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