Monday, January 31, 2011

brainnnnnnnnsssssssssss (PvZ style)

my brother rarely compliments me. if at all, the only thing he tells his friends about me is that i'm smart.

i can actually imagine his conversation with them.
friend: how's your ate like?
brother: she's smart.

it's pretty much like when someone's dating an un-pretty girl and your comment's like "oh, she's mabait." or "she's payat." in my case, "ate's smart."

so when my brother got stabbed and i met his college friends for the first time, they were like, "you're not ugly naman pala." i'm like "whatever gave you the idea that i was?" and they replied, "cause kit said you were smart."

uhm, so when did smart and cute become mutually exclusive?

anyway, i've always been okay with being smart, and i'd take smart over pretty on any given day. so when i got really yucky fat i'd excuse my refusal to diet by saying to people that dieting would make me dull, and stupid. or at least not as sharp as i'd like to become. just imagine how i felt when i flunked the bar on my first take -- now i'm fat AND stupid too? thank goodness for a take 2, and for better than expected grades (especially in commercial law, THAT was a surprise.). and thank goodness for bosses that somehow i can impress with my legal mumbo jumbo and friends that aren't lawyers (cause they're somehow impressed with my legal mumbo jumbo too, hahaha).

since sharon cuneta (my forever idol, hahaha) is allegedly losing weight, and since my boss came up with legal's biggest loser, and since i'm tired of being fat and want to be sexy (yes, not payat, not fit, but sexy. walang basagan ng trip) i said, okay, this will be the year i lose 50 lbs. yes, i'm all set to lose the equivalent of a pre-schooler.

i've stopped eating rice. i've almost stopped gorging on junkfood. and i'm finally doing something after work aside from going to the mall. the only side effect is that i think i'm getting slow in the head. you know how some people talk to me and i go around in circles never getting around to stating my point? or how i'm always staring off in space. my brain is slowly dying. it misses rice. it misses junk food. it misses all things fat and fried.

or it could be the bacteria spied by the xray last week that makes it necessary for me to get a root canal ASAP. i read somewhere that you should be scared if its a problem with your teeth, especially bacteria cause it's so near your brains and it could just like that easily creep up and make you stupid.

oooohhh. brainnnnnnnnnnsssssssss.

p.s. i just re-read this post and it has absolutely no point at all, further solidifying the fact that my brain is dead and dying.

p.p.s. the dead and dying line is something that i used to say to a friend when i'm so tired and couldn't make up legal mumbo jumbo anymore. she pointed out, you can't be dead and dying and the same time. she's right. but it's a line i love. dead and dying. dead and dying. pretty much like a zombie, yes?

p.p.p.s. i found a new blog i love. richie z's pickiest eater in the world. he loves bacon. he loves potatoes. he loves corn. i mean it's like he's me, but he's a man. and he writes in the most yummy way possible (is there such a thing?). what bad timing to find him as i'm attempting to lose the most weight i've ever attempted to lose in my entire life (not that i've actualy attempted in the past, hahaha) but on the other hand, it's nice to eat vicariously through him. i don't know though if i should attribute the friday banapple binge and the sunday tosh and mary grace cafe food trip to his reviews.

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RichieZ said...

Thank you for the special Mention, Roxy!

I know exactly what you mean though.. I went on a diet the same day that I stumbled unto Travel Channel's Man V. Food Show, which became the inspiration for my blog hehe..

After a couple of weeks of trying to lose weight, I just decided to say, "I'm curvy, and I like it!".

I hope ya don't mind I added you to my blog links :)

Take care, and I'm happy/sorry to say I've got a lot more posts coming!

roxy said...

thanks for commenting, richie ☺ and thanks for adding me to your blog links ☺ i added you onto mine, so it's easier to check whenever you've got more tempting stuff on your blog.

ooohhh, i LOVE man v. food too, although for some reason i can't remember exactly when it's showing on tv so i just stumble onto it every now and then.

congratulations to you -- for writing so well about the yumminess that you experience, and to your wife rina -- for taking pictures of the yumminess. you guys are a lethal team to crush all dieters worldwide.

and of course, i blame you and rina for making me eat at banapple AND TOSH in one weekend. hopefully, i don't rush off to boracay to worship at the altar of bacon. cause if i do, i'm totally blaming the two of you.

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