Wednesday, January 05, 2011


he who replies to all text messages.

he who answers calls of distress.

he who listens patiently and tries to resist saying i-told-you-so.

he who is a friend, brother, teacher, driver, mentor, and donor rolled into one.

he who does not age.

he who laughs at my jokes, drives me home, and lends me drill bits, the step ladder, and yaya ising all the time.

he who fed us steak on sunday night.

we will begrudge the day he decides to marry and leave us without his company. for now, we are thankful that he has deemed us worthy to be his friends.

may your prayers be answered.

may your dreams become reality.

may you find good health, peace of mind, and the desires of your heart.

and may we never fight as much as we did in 2010.

happy birthday, k.e.

you are loved.

1 said hello!:

Secateur said...

You are too kind A.R. But as you said, i should be more gracious when praised. And so, I shall say thank you, thank you very much! :-)

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