Wednesday, January 12, 2011

type A

last saturday, while i was at my community's leaders' retreat and planning, one of my leaders sent me this text message: tone down po ang pitch mg voice. para kang nasa korte attorney :) alalahanin mo, BL* pa rn yun kaharap mo :).

yesterday evening, immediately after we had our meeting for the anniversary, another leader sent this message: Hi rosa. gentle remindr. was not able to talk wd u aftr d miting. i knw kampante k sa relatnshp mo wd jc or i dnt knw if still mern pa rn ung inis mo sa kanya. nevrtheless, try to tone dwn a bit.

wow ... two messages of the same nature in one week.

there's a huge part of me that's discouraged, and an equally huge part of me that's chastised. i know myself to be a passionate, hard hitting person. maybe that's why i became a lawyer, and maybe that's why my former bosses said it was a shame that i chose to leave litigation and move to the corporate world. (maybe that's also why i'm still single but that's another matter altogether.)

i could gripe and say a whole lot of stuff about this matter, or i could be submissive and totally admit i was wrong (even if i were seething deep inside which might make me burst like a balloon and that's no good at all). so, instead, i'll just channel that line i got from this uber funny email i got from my boss: UMASAL LAMANG NANG AYON SA GANDA. (i should really post the text, cause its crazy funny, but blogger won't let me do it, and i've too many things to do to even begin to figure out how to do it). it said stuff that hit me the most, like how i don't have pretty underarms and i'm fat. that said, wala akong kaparapatang mag-taray.

quiet and gentle spirit, here i come.

edit: here's the link to the text of umasal lamang ayon sa ganda. enjoy reading.

*branch leader

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