Monday, June 13, 2011

what the???

jackson wagner ... my beloved one-and-a-half year old laptop. my dad got me jackson wagner after i asked him to comment over laptop specs ... i guess he realized that ben (the former laptop) was too old to be truly functional so he got me a new one.

yes, i am loved.

we used jackson wagner last saturday. ironically, i was planning on bringing ben instead to "protect" jackson wagner from other people's hands, since i won't be the one operating the laptop. i am oddly possessive about my things -- i hate lending stuff so when i offer to lend you something, it means that (1) i trust you and (2) i love you (parang I.T.A.L.Y. lang ha!) but, i figured that i'm just being paranoid and selfish so i brought jackson wagner.

then i got home late saturday, pressed the power button, and boom - jackson wagner refused to boot.

it would get me as far as the background that's on the screen when you log-on to the pc and would just stop. no way to log in, no way to figure out what went wrong.

of course, i just had to call my forever guardian and savior mars (funny how when i texted my dad about it, he told me to ask mars to fix it for me!) and he tried his hand at it but jackson wagner refused to budge.

it was in a coma all right. maybe it felt bad cause i was so *inggit* with theo's new baby, monsoon (a lovely macbook pro), or maybe it thought it needed to get my attention. at 1 am sunday morning, it had my full attention, no question about it.

i think i must've texted bazillions of people about my predicament, and while most offered logical solutions, there was one text that threw me in for a loop:

baka naubusan lang ng battery. i-plug mo kaya.

i was so tempted to reply - ano akala mo sa akin, tanga? i mean, wouldn't i - or anyone for that matter - know the difference between a battery-dead laptop and a laptop that wouldn't boot? sigh, thank goodness for restraint.

in any case, jackson wagner's out to be repaired right now. hopefully, it involves some fairly minimal repairs and what-nots. the last time i back-up was march, so i'll truly be losing a lot of files if it were to be something major. i'm still mad, i'm majorly frustrated, and it was crazy heartbreaking not knowing what to do in the wee hours of sunday morning.

i'm hoping that the next time i post here, it'll be good news. keeping my fingers crossed.

1 said hello!:

trisha said...

naku! you shud have asked me because my husband knows a lot about fixing techie stuff...and he knows also a lot about troubleshooting PCs, laptops etc... :)

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