Saturday, June 18, 2011

things i learned this week

♥ when it's 2 am in the morning and you're on the verge of tears cause your pc won't boot, certain friends will commiserate with you. others wont. and some will give you stupid answers like "maybe the battery drained and you just need to plug it."

♥ you never really need the box of the thing you purchased until you've thrown it out and you realize you don't know whether it came with an installer disk that might solve all of your problems in an instant.

♥ an external hard drive is your friend.

♥ all those reminders to make a back-up? i should've used it as an opportunity to actually back-up.

♥ never postpone the chance to actually print the best pics from your most recent trip.

♥ a guy may be married and have kids and be a jerk and i'd still create fantasies about him. but trust the crush to die the moment i learn that he spent 7 years in college.

♥ i should quit lowering my standards and accept the fact that (1) i do want to end up with someone who went to UP-DLSU-Ateneo and (2) conversation matters. and oh, the non-use of text language when exchanging SMS is a MAJOR deal.

♥ as i posted yesterday, KFC is love. starbucks' cake pops is also love.

happy long weekend! i've a lecture later, a lunch with a friend on sunday, and planning on monday. not much in the way of a vacation, but it would be nice if i could do something that -- as a friend puts it -- is pampasaya ng kaluluwa.

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