Monday, June 27, 2011


first things first: i am not a credit card girl. so, while my debit card gets a regular swiping, i am hardly prone to the devil-may-care shopping spree simply because i don't have a card i can charge it all to.

sadness, i know.

technically, though, i do have one. tita celia gave me an extension card where i can charge the stuff she asks me to get for her. and since the credit limit is infinitely more than what i'd actually spend in a month (wait, the credit limit is infinitely what i can actually afford to spend in a month, or a several months), i've been pretty happy with it. it's my credit card for emergencies, surprise purchases (like the insta-tv), and for when i find myself with no cash and no gas.

like last saturday. confidently, i whipped out the credit card and told the gas attendant, "full tank!" and, while the numbers were turning (at an alarming rate, mind you), i pretended to be relaxed. after all, i knew my card could easily cover it. now, whether i could pay for it was a different matter altogether.*

alas, my confidence was short-lived. as the attendant made his way towards me, i could see that he was about to ask the question that every credit card wielding person wanted to avoid, "do you have another card." and since i didn't have another card, i gave the requisite "try it again!"

they did, and it still refused to allow me to charge. thank goodness that they had express payment which meant that i didn't have to leave my phone or something like that to guarantee payment -- after all, i had on me was P300 and clearly, that wouldn't be enough to pay for the gas they had just put in my car.

the entire drive home i tried calling 89-100 to figure out what went wrong but 30 mins on hold later, i was nowhere near getting an answer (although i was about to exceed my globe limit, boo!). so while i'm technically on pins and needles out of excitement that my application for a BPI credit card seemed to have been approved already (details have appeared on my bpi express online account but card isn't with me yet) and the swiping that will take place soon, i'm beginning to think that me and my debit card won't be divorcing just yet.

*okay, lest i alarm my parents and the general public, i can. i am a responsible adult who has an excel file of her budget on her cellphone. it doesn't get any more OC than that. happy?
and, oh, i am sorry for being defensive about things like this. there have been times in the past that some people have not been too happy with the wit/humor/sarcasm/writing style and have actually called my attention to the fact that i may not be a very responsible person. so there -- a disclaimer. and an outright statement that i am responsible: i have savings, i spend well within my budget, i do not have debts, and i drive below the speed limit.

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