Friday, June 17, 2011

KFC lang ang katapat ko

as you might very well know by now, i've been having a bad week. all recent sightings of forbidden boy v. 2 notwithstanding, my week has been beset by one issue after another.

and as if things couldn't get worse, my office PC's powercord died this morning. yes, a powercord that's barely a year old.

in any case, this week also brought one of the happiest things in the universe to me: a bucket of FREE kfc chicken.

let's backtrack, shall we?

monday, i think i was wallowing in the sheer number of stuff to be done, half of which i could barely make sense out of, i saw pam's tweet asking who wants a bucket of kfc chicken.

i immediately replied: me! me! me!

much to my surprise, she asked me to DM her my address. is a bucket of free KFC chicken actually going to make its way to me?

apparently yes. cause yesterday, it arrived. 8 pieces of chicken, four pieces of rice, four sidings, and a big bottle of coke.

now, the entire universe can gush about the chicken-all-you-can from max's, but this girl, i'm a KFC girl through and through. as a matter of fact, when my friends and i went to max's to actually do the chicken thing, i chose to order lumpia and potato salad instead. and while friendster is oh-so-passe, can i just say that the best testimonial anyone ever wrote about me there was that "i'm the best thing since KFC started giving out free gravy." ♥

so, bring on the four hours of sleep at night, a laptop that lost the past 1.5 years of my life, issues with certain people, and three board meetings. because free kfc came my way, i can do anything.

i always knew that one day i'd benefit from all that tweeting, ha! ha!

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