Sunday, June 19, 2011

i am my father's daughter

mothers and daughters share a special bond, no doubt about that. and probably my mom and i even moreso since my dad has spent a lifetime away from us. but, i look at myself in the mirror and i know, i am my father's daughter.

it's not just the looks. it's the fact that i can spend an entire day reading a good book and be fine with it. it's the fact that i love conversations and conversations with spirited debates. it's the fact that i love food and eating out and being adventurous.

i miss my dad. i miss those evenings when he'd wake me up so that i'd cook hotdog for him and spend time chatting about stuff. i miss his wisdom, his infinite patience, how he's a manly man who takes care of all of us.

my dad never really got the chance to be a hands-on father, but i never felt like i'd been abandoned. my dad sent me letters growing up, dispensing advice especially when i needed it the most. he was there for all of my graduations, came home the year i passed the bar, and showered me with all the love i needed growing up. on my first official date - grad ball! - he stayed up late waiting for me and gave my date a major grilling after he found out that the guy had chosen to go to la salle for college (he's an atenean!). and when he found out i was dating the wrong boy, he sent me a long letter to make me realize i was being stupid in thinking it would work.

and of course, let's not discount the fact that my dad is oh-so-updated -- he actually reads this blog! (and you know what, he's so cool that i don't actually mind that he knows stuff about me!)

i am blessed to be my father's daughter, and one day, i hope that my future daughter will be blessed to have a dad like mine.

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kiko said...

having a daughter like you makes fatherhood worthwhile.

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