Sunday, June 26, 2011

rainy days and dvds always make me sad

at 2:30 p.m., the announcement we've been waiting for finally came: it had rained enough for the president to give the go-signal to go home. so, after sending off one last email, consuming the sopas (i am in love with sopas more than FBv2* ... that's a fact) i had reserved for merienda, and dropping off tita mayu's printer (two weeks after i had promised to return it -- i am a rotten cow, i know!), i was finally on my way home.

well, more like on my way to a most important pit stop should i be spending the entire rainy weekend at home: ruins.

i'm not sure everyone can relate but anyone who (1) lives in the south and (2) is familiar with BF Homes topography would know the importance of ruins. ruins is the home of pirated dvds, faux bags, cheap thrills, and mixed cds. now that there's a robinson's beside it, ruins' importance (for me) increase a hundredfold. because ruins + robinson's means i can stock up on dvds + the all-too-important junkfood stash while watching dvds.

i got there a little before 5 (no, it did not take me 2.5 hours to get home. (1) i don't drive THAT slow and (2) my house isn't THAT far from QC, just really far) and it seemed like the entire south had the exact same idea. each stall i visited had one or two shoppers (i hate shopping in a dvd stall with plenty of customers ... i like looking for the "underdog" and purchasing my dvds from there. what can i say - i like the seller's undivided attention!) and it took a while before i found an empty stall where i can get my fix.

house season 7. grey's anatomy season 7. top chef just desserts. big bang theory season 4. and, since i begged the lady for a discount, i got the move "no strings attached" for free.

the minute i got home, i stuck the movie in the dvd and started watching (it was a great movie, btw. perfect for the-universe-is-so-perfect-that-impossible-things-will-happen dreamy-eyed people such as myself). after that, i got started on grey's anatomy.

and that's when i got in trouble.

let's backtrack a little: when grey's anatomy first came out, my friends from the court of appeals and i were all hooked. and we each appointed characters for ourselves. ironically, we all liked who we "were" in the show and it somehow coincided with our personalities. over the years, they stopped watching, but i continued buying dvds and watching entire seasons in one go. when i watched season 6, i ended up texting my boss (my boss!!! eeeep!) with existentialist questions like why am i not as passionate as these people are about my career. such a doofus moment, but considering that i was crying (and i never cry - just ask my friends) while typing out the text message, it came out more pathetic than anything.

so, imagine that it was cold and it was raining and i was alone and i was watching season 7 grey's anatomy ... bad, bad, bad combination.

i am proud to say though that i had held off texting my boss this time, but i did send a barrage of messages to gay about life, love, and what-nots when i continued my dvd marathon last night. now, i'm afraid to turn on the dvd and continue my marathon ... who knows what kind of thoughts an overcast sunday + episodes 8 onwards might bring.

then again, gay is just a text away. and so is my boss. i think they love me enough to put up with the drama.

*forbidden boy version 2 a.k.a. the new crush
** sorry for the liberal parenthetical remarks. i am just a wee bit chatty this sunday morning

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jewel said...

Oh, Rosa, I love you enough to put up not only with all the drama, but all the comedy, too. Ha ha =)

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