Sunday, June 05, 2011

botox is expensive

dear self,

please remember that ...

worry = wrinkled forehead = wrinkles = need for botox. as i said, botox is expensive (plus no one wants to look like a porcelain bust in real life.)

so please don't stress yourself over things at work ... they don't pay you enough to invest so much feeling into it. i mean, if you're spending even your free time on how to "fix" things, that isn't really good, especially since (1) you're not responsible for "fixing" stuff and (2) you've got other stuff to do (like understand the valuation process, haha!).

and please don't stress yourself over things at lingkod ... your standards are not their standards, and you're just making enemies wanting to elevate things to the next level.

do stress about stuff you can control, like the mess that's gathering at home once more, cebu plans, and the PDIC thing.



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