Thursday, June 02, 2011

it's easy to refuse a visit from the ex when you've got a project brewing

last saturday, i was finally able to set-up my pinterest account. and together with pinning away, i loved looking at other people's boards and getting more inspiration from them.

one of the boards i love - understandably - belongs to sherry of younghouselove. as i was going over her boards, i saw this:

{inspiration downloaded from here}

now, while i dabble in crafts here and there, i'm not exactly the type of person who'd create art (or some permutation thereof) to fill in a blank wall. i am comfortable with blank walls. blanks walls aren't scary. but then i saw this and was just inspired to fill the wall facing my bed with giant letters spelling out a lovely quote (and reminder to myself ☺). since we had just made lovely glitter letters spelling out my boss' name for a contest (see glitter letters here), i figured, i'd make this out of glitter letters.

since i couldn't get the image out of my mind, i made the pic my desktop wallpaper. but, as i looked at the picture more, i realized that the beauty of it came from the variety of papers used + the lack of uniformity and perfection, so i started gathering my supplies and started working on my own sign.

{leftover scrapbooking stuff. i don't scrapbook, but i love the supplies}

i didn't mind that it was nearing midnight already. i figured, if this thing didn't work out i would have (1) lost my scrapbooking supplies and (2) i'd have an excuse to buy glitters + cardboard + glue when i go out sunday and start all over again.

since i'd at least need a "guide" to determine the size of the letters, i cut out a famous amos box i had lying around and made a rectangle. my letters should more or less be this size.

it wasn't long before i got really busy. at some point, i realized the overhead light wasn't enough so i got a lamp to further illuminate my working space (a.k.a. my dining table)

{love that pair of scissors}

the first couple of letters were complicated ... not shape-wise (especially since the printed circle was the last piece of a notecard set that i particularly loved. the project was a nice way of "immortalizing" the notecard set.) but more like since i was getting the hang of working with letters again. prior to working on the glitter letters for my boss, the last time i made letters was way back in college when i was studying to become an elementary school teacher.

{first four letters, two of which i scrapped in the end}

an hour (or more ... much more -- i had lost track of time already) later, i had all the letters i needed. yards and yards of curling ribbon + stringing the letters in the proper order + fighting tired eyes, i had this:

{my version}

i had actually pulled it off. for some reason, the version i saw online still makes my heart flutter more (but i do love the fact i was able to do something close to it at least) but i figured, i could have the sign up for as long as i want, and i could take it down anytime without feeling bad since this was virtually zero investment on my part as i had in store everything i needed for the project.

and about that title, well, here's a little side story:

my ex lives a block away from my house but miraculously, we don't really bump into each other at all. while he'd call once in a while, i eventually changed all of my numbers so there was a year or so where he had zero ways of contacting me. one day, about a month an a half ago, i saw him as i was on my way home and he dropped by the house. he'd text every so often to ask if he could come over, and i'd say yes -- for reasons i don't even understand. all he'd do would be to (1) ask if i had food; (2) steal my mint chocolates; and (3) sleep on my couch. an hour or so later, he'd wake up, say goodbye, and i won't hear from him at all until the next time he feels like repeating the cycle. last night, he asked if he could come over. i was so engrossed in this project that i pretended that i told him i was about to sleep so he can't come over anymore.

hmmm... maybe the best way to rid myself of the impulse yes is to make more crafts?

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commuter said...

haha...nightly visits are good, if not fun, they say. hehe...i wonder why you would say no. there could be a possibility of rekindling something for you and him...hehe...good luck, rosa 'martha stewart.'

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