Friday, June 24, 2011

random friday l♥ve

♥ this week was a bad week - had a major UTI attack that involved a lot of pain + blood, not-so-happy things at work, frustration about this and that. it really isn't something to write home about.

♥ tita mayu got a globe line with unli text and calls! yahoo. i have globe unlitext, and i'm more of a texter than a caller anyway, but this means that i can get in touch with her more about my mundane day-to-day existence once more. maybe this means it's truly time to give up my sun prepaid line.

♥ i'm blessed with good friends i can text with my incessant ranting and they'd reply with words full of wisdom and love. okay, some aren't as loving but they're still my friends anyway.

♥ it's been raining non-stop and there are times when i'm expecting to wake up in the middle of the night sopping wet cause my roof caved in from all the water. so far, i'm still dry though, but i guess i really have to start figuring out how to make more money.

♥ speaking of more money, i have this extra racket thing on the 9th, but no details yet, so i'm worried about that. i'm a sucker for details (if my things can't be in order, at least my life is) so i'll want those details soon!!!

♥ i've a mind to withdraw my savings and just buy stuff mindlessly, which is stupid i know.

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